Monthly Archives: July 2013

Food Glorious Food…

You know, the next line in the song is “Hot caramel custard”.  And, whilst I am not really into custard all that much, I probably could be talked into it.  I am a sweet tooth, after all, and I will pretty much pine after anything made with sugar.  When I think about what I have eaten in the past it disturbs me somewhat.  In the days BHA[Before Heart Attack] I would have had no problems knocking off a packet of Tim Tams in one sitting… By myself… Once married, it became harder as Mrs Dave has a sweet tooth too.  I never really suggested two packets, although at times I’m sure we were both thinking it. Continue reading

And another thing…

So, I had my heart attack, went into hospital and the cardiac mechanics there did a great job at a grease and oil change.  It’s difficult to describe the euphoria one feels when the medicos relieve that pain from your chest.  As I have already said, it  made the choices I am now making in my life obvious.  A second chance… Who wouldn’t want that? But there was more… Continue reading

What a week!

It’s been an interesting week.

Last Monday at about 8pm I suffered a massive heart attack just after I had put Mr J to bed.  The heart attack involved the total blocking of my primary coronary artery.  Best guesses say that the blockage was caused by a random floating piece of “plaque” getting lodged in what was an already somewhat blocked blood vessel. Continue reading