What can I say except “Don’t forget the hype!” because you will most likely forget the movie.

After hanging back from the crowd, we went to see Avatar on the Labour Day holiday.  We went to IMAX to see it in all its 3Dified glory.  IMAX was sold out. Lucky we booked our tickets online…  Quite a good system really.  Print ’em out at home and walk straight in to the cinema.

Now on the 3D thing.  I hope as the technology evolves they design some glasses that are a) comfortable to wear for 2hours and, b) able to fill my whole field of view so I don’t get some funny bits on the edges.  Maybe its just me, maybe I have the opposite of beady eyes, whatever that is called, but whenever I wear these things I spend the first 10 minutes looking far left and right checking out the borders. Maybe I just have a fat head…

But back to the movie.  I could spend hours writing about the trillion things that every other person has written about this movie but I wont.  Here the bullet-list version[in a table]:

Visually Spectacular
Sam Worthington Respectable Accent
James Cameron Labour of Love
3D stuff Cool
Storyline/plot I must have blinked and missed it
Moralism Plenty
All around Fun, simple entertainment

The real moral of the story is, if you have 500mill to spend on a movie, spend more than $29.95 on the story.

What an opportunity missed…

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