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Food Glorious Food…

You know, the next line in the song is “Hot caramel custard”.  And, whilst I am not really into custard all that much, I probably could be talked into it.  I am a sweet tooth, after all, and I will pretty much pine after anything made with sugar.  When I think about what I have eaten in the past it disturbs me somewhat.  In the days BHA[Before Heart Attack] I would have had no problems knocking off a packet of Tim Tams in one sitting… By myself… Once married, it became harder as Mrs Dave has a sweet tooth too.  I never really suggested two packets, although at times I’m sure we were both thinking it. Continue reading

Vanilla Slice Quest – West Heidelberg

Well it’s been a while… I’ve been really busy and had taken my eye off the ball here.  While I was away I got hacked and have just spent a heap of time cleaning things up and getting ready to start creating content again.  The reason I mention this is that the clean up is what has led me to today’s post. Continue reading

The Courthouse

It was an opportune moment that led Mrs Dave and I to find ourselves standing a the bar in The Courthouse Hotel checking out the menu.  Mrs Dave is getting on in the ol’ pregnancy and the midwife had just said “eat red meat, everyday!”.  Who are we to argue?  So I said “Get thee to a steak!”. So we did.  The Courthouse was the closest menu with a hat, and a steak, so we were off. Continue reading

The French Lettuce

Oh My God! That’s right. Its so good I spelt it out…

While I was having my head shorn this arvo, Mrs Dave took a spin up to The French Lettuce[TFL] in the disco to get us some francofilian goodness for lunch. Now, I’ve always been a fan of TFL but todays effort reminded me to share the love. Continue reading

The Golden Terrace

No this is not a review of some straight-to-video Baldwin family ripoff of the Fonda classic.  It’s a review of one of my favourite restaurants – The Golden Terrace.  Possibly, one of the best turkish restaurants in Melbourne.  My family have been going there for years for significant family events, mainly birthdays. Continue reading