Pomona… It’s nice

A couple of weeks ago, Mrs Dave and I went to a new cafe in  Preston for some brekky.  It’s called Pomona and it is at 474B Murray Rd in Preston.  It is coolish…  They have made an effort in renovating and cleaning up the space.  A lot of white wash type look around the place.

Brekky was good.  I had one with the lot and Mrs D had something more healthy, can’t remember what.  The coffee was good, organic, and fair trade.  They also seem to specialise in spelt bread and gluten free.  Master J was well looked after with in house high chair[to his disgust] and plastic “crockery”

Went there for lunch yesterday. Short lunch menu but good quality.  Just a warning, don’t sit next to the sliding door out the back on a cold day as there is a draft that comes in from outside. They should fix that.

So, if you are on the right side of the Yarra, and looking for breakfast, or lunch, or suffer from a gluten intolerance… Pomona is a good option.

more info at http://www.pomonacafe.com.au/


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