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So, Mrs Dave and I went out on a lunch date. We went to see the Ron Mueck exhibition at the NGV and the results were stunning…

I wasn’t aware until this week that Ron Mueck was a Melbournian, and that in true Aussie tall poppy style, we sent him overseas to get famous before we would embrace him. Its a great story really.

Ron is a sculptor.

He sculpts people, beautifully. His exhibition is both arresting and inspiring. The detail in his sculptures is quite amazing. He uses many different mediums to create what are stunningly realistic human forms. The scales of his sculpture vary from the frighteningly large to about 1/10th scale.

The realism of the skin is quite eerie, and his ability to make the hair look totally real.

My favourite was the baby and the youth, but don’t take my work for it! Get down and have a look for yourself. It will take you between 45minutes and 4hrs depending on how entranced you get.

Also, if you like what you see, become an NGV member. Great discounts and that smug feeling that you are an art patron…and free tee, coffee, and a biscuit in the members lounge. Join art beat if you are “young” people like us.

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  1. Matt

    Ahh and will need to rush for it – the Ron Mueck exhibition i believe finishes the end of this week.

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