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comedy festival so far…

micro reviews of the shows i’ve seen so far…

rod quantock – who we should eat first
saw rod at trades hall a melbourne comedy legend. his 24th festival this year. not a great show i must say. i don’t mind people having a moral undertone to their show but if you’re part of a comedy festival then your show should be mainly funny… too much of a rant.

sammy j – ricketts lane
once again sammy j shows us why he is so well loved in the comedy scene. he breaks the mould so beautifully. great show, great songs, the improv when one of the radio mic batteries went flat was the best though. well worth a look

tripod – tripod versus the dragon
good nerdy show. the highlight was elana lane. nice to see tripod doing a show with a plot line. get into it while its still on… and buy elana’s cd.

the pajama men – the last stand to reason
my fav so far. hilarious, laugh out loud funny. brilliant skills. fast paced. if anything a little strange, but in a good way.

arj barker – let me do the talking
i’m not sure if it was just me or maybe it was because being in a room with 1400 arj fans made it lose all the intimacy. a bit flat. a good, solid show but i would have preferred more pace. the show seemed to drag a bit. the woman next to me laughed for the duration though, so if you are an arj barker fan, check it out…

more to come