The French Lettuce

Oh My God! That’s right. Its so good I spelt it out…

While I was having my head shorn this arvo, Mrs Dave took a spin up to The French Lettuce[TFL] in the disco to get us some francofilian goodness for lunch. Now, I’ve always been a fan of TFL but todays effort reminded me to share the love.

I had a chicken and sage roll[a la sausage roll]. The filling was fantastic and subtly flavoured and the puff pastry was flaky and ended up all over the car [as it should]. She also got me one of their famous standard sosso rolls [cold]. It was fantastic, as usual. Gotta say, the cold variant pastry was much less messy, so a good option for lunch on the run.

Mrs D had a spinach and fetta roll, and said it was pretty special too.

For dessert, a truly royal chocolate royal. Imagine the queen had one of Arnotts traditional favourites and said “make me some, but make them the best in the land”. This is what you would get. Tasty butter shortbread, amazing jam, a mountain of marshmellow, and about an inch of chocolate[may be an exaggeration]. Probably worth the trip alone.

And before you ask, no vanilla slices. They only had the icing sugar ones left, and that’s just not cricket.

So get into TFL. Plenty of yummy food and grouse cakes. Its on Nicholson St southbound just before the Princess St intersection.

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