The Golden Terrace

No this is not a review of some straight-to-video Baldwin family ripoff of the Fonda classic.  It’s a review of one of my favourite restaurants – The Golden Terrace.  Possibly, one of the best turkish restaurants in Melbourne.  My family have been going there for years for significant family events, mainly birthdays.

Now let me get things straight.  I have two types of favourite restaurants.  Those that are at the top of the culinary and service tree and are “must do before you die” experiences, and others that are just great food, comfortable surroundings and something different.  This is the latter.

For someone who grew up in the working class north of  Melbourne where the only restaurant was the local Chinese, and we only went there on very special occasions, like my first holy communion, Turkish is different.   Don’t get me wrong, my palatte and experience have matured, but you know what they say, ” you can take the boy out of Reservoir…”

Anyway, back to the review.  The Golden Terrace, at 803-805 Sydney Rd Brunswick is a classic Turkish restaurant run by a lovely multi-generational staff all from one family.  I’m pretty sure they have been running it since it opened, which, based on carbon dating done on the decor, looks like about 40 years ago.  Speaking of the decor, it is exactly what you would expect of the local turkish, pictures on the wall depicting classic turkish scenes and simple but functional tables and chairs that have stood the test of time.

More importantly the food.  Tasty, plentiful and served with a smile.  Grandpa[we assume] is on guard at the wood fired oven at the rear of the restaurant whenever we’re in there making what is, i believe, the best Turkish bread on the planet.  And, when it is served so hot that you can’t pick it up without burning you fingers, probably the freshest.  They have a significant offer of dips to go with the bread, my faves are the cachik [yogurt and cucumber] and the carrot dip [which i forget the name of].  Size-wise, order the small dips to start with.  Two small dips match up to one of the breads.

The Turkish Pizzas are great too.  I like the meat one second on the list [i promise I will come back and put the right names in], but the piece-de-resistance[french accent required] are the meat dishes.  Order anything, its all exceptional.  I’m not sure what they do to it, and I’m not sure I want to know, but it works.  If you want some of their chicken off the spit, order early, as it runs out every night, and when it does, its gone.

One of the most pleasant parts of your visit to The Golden Terrace will be paying the bill.  Last night Mrs Dave, her bro and I had an enormous feast [we missed out on the chicken]  for $41…  for three!  But check the bill.  Without malicious intent there are sometimes some extras.

BYO, open 7 days.  Check it out.

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  1. Lauretta

    Sounds delish… holy communion hey… I like the bit about Reservoir – great place to grow up – funnily enough I work there now.

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