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So, it was Sunday morning and there was a post-apocalyptic after the worst storm ever kind of vibe hanging around.  Mrs Dave and I decided we would go out and try three bags full.  Three bags full is the new venture to come out of the mebourne cafe wondertwins the team from liar liar and the team from apte.

We tried to check it out on a previous Saturday at about eleven o’clock.  Bring something good to read while you’re in the line.  It was chockas!  With 20 people waiting out the fornt.  Testament to how well this place is doing after being open for  just a few short weeks. And for very good reason.

As apte semi-regulars we were happy to see some familiar faces. particulary behind the coffee machine.  Opting for grandiosity of synesso and concentration on the five senses coffe they serve was a winner at apte and is again.  They offer a signature blend for the regular coffees, a seasonal blend for espresso, and a single origin for the coffee connoisseur.  i had a latte in the standard variety and Mrs Dave had a long mac in the seasonal.  Both were excellent.  Mine was alittle more bitey than I expected but good nonetheless.

Some asay familiarity breeds contempt but I disagree.  We both went for our favourites, the big brekky and the vegie brekky.  They were great too!  It’s not often that you have a fully cooked mega-brekky where each of the components are top shelf in their own right.  Often there is a black sheep or two to let the team down.  Not here.  Eggs were fluffy and a happy yellow, bacon was divine, and the sliced cheese kransky was very welcome addition.  The standout was the spinach. I’m not sure what is done in the kitchen but it works…

Service was swift and friendly when it happened but was not at a fast food pace.  Don’t come here for a meal in a hurry, but good things come to those that wait.  And, those not accustomed to coffee magic may think that it takes a while but we know that the coffee gods have smiled on three bags full and we are happy to wait. And, it allows more time for conversation.

Decor is cool and groovy, although I would prefer a few more soft furnishings to reduce the noise from the happy, talkative crowd.

Parking might become an issue as the popularity rises, but this will most probably be tempered by the maximum number of people the place can fit.

All in all a great experience.  $44 for two bigish brekkys, 2 coffees and a caramel milkshake.  Not Bad.

We’ll be back.

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