Up In The Air

Went and saw Up In The Air at Nova last weekend.  By the way, I suggest if you are going to Nova to pre-purchase your ticket on the interweb as the box office line can be quite tedious.  Especially on a Saturday night.

Directed by Ivan Reitman’s[Ghostbusters, Dave, Kindergarten Cop, etc.] son Jason[Juno, Thank You For Smoking], the movie is a visual feast with some engaging comedic moments.  But not that many.  Described as a comedy, it is very light on for belly laughs.  But a fun movie nonetheless.

The family can be proud.

Starring George Clooney, Anna Kendrick andVera Farmiga, it is well directed, well written and as I mentioned before, a visual feast. Excellent production design and photography, I’m certain this film will be at the interesting end of the Oscars race.

One of my favourite visual moments in the movie is in the opening credits, a lovely montage of aerial images all of varying geometric complexity, it sets up the visual feel  for the rest of the movie.

The story is simple and well told.  All the better for the ending which is not out of the hollywood standard playbook.

All in all, a fun, light movie.  Go and see it.

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