vanilla slice quest – burwood

So, after some dissappointing out-of-town quests for the perfect vanilla slice we decided that maybe we should try something closer to home. If only just to save diesel…

The Foodies Guide To Melbourne 2010 tells us that the best vanilla slice in Melbourne is at La Croissant, and who are we to argue. We headed off to Burwood to find La Croissant, which was easy because we had the address, which is 1204 Burwood Hwy, Burwood.

Sadly, nothing much to say about the shop. Not surprisingly, it was like a french cake shop. I bought some vanilla slices and we headed home to check them out.

French style to be sure, not your Aussie snot block, but nice nonetheless. The best though..? We’ll reserve our judgement. Certainly the best french style vanilla slice or ‘mille feuille’.

If you’re in Burwood, and why wouldn’t you be, do yourself a favour and get into La Croissant for a vanilla slice. The baguettes are not bad either…

One thought on “vanilla slice quest – burwood

  1. Matt Robertson

    Dave, two great places I have found for vanilla slices are:
    Queenscliff bakery – also does fantastic pies
    Sorrento bakery – not really tried anything else there but the slices are awesome.

    Vanilla slices that are worth writing about are very hard to find, but when you do, your mouth waters just thinking about them I say

    Good luck in your search


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