Vanilla Slice Quest – West Heidelberg

Well it’s been a while… I’ve been really busy and had taken my eye off the ball here.  While I was away I got hacked and have just spent a heap of time cleaning things up and getting ready to start creating content again.  The reason I mention this is that the clean up is what has led me to today’s post.

Margaret [who’s posts have dissappeared, but will be returned] pointed me towards Sweet by Nature in West Heidelberg [131 Bamfield Rd]. SBN [as they will now be known] have a sign out the front exclaiming how they make the best vanilla slice in Australia[professionl division]. A pretty big call from where I’m sitting and from a very unsuspecting venue. SBN is a commercial bakery with a cafe attached at the front in what can only be described as an industrial zone. Not where you would expect to find one of Australia’s best pastries.  The cafe was nice and has a large array of good looking bakery products, as well as a significant celebration cake display.  My sweet tooth was quivering with excitement.


I needed to get 5 slices to satiate my team in the office but was informed that 6 was cheaper than 5[?].  A nice surprise.  So a pack of six it was.


What can I say, the quest is only in it’s infancy but we definitely have a front runner.  Great icing, creamy but holding together custard, great pastry and good eatability.


Mrs Dave and I have concocted a scoring system and here are the scores:

–                            Davey     Mrs Dave

Icing [2]               1.5              2

Custard[3]           2.5             2.75

Pastry2[2]            2                 1.75

Eatability[1]        0.75          0.75

Size[1]                     0.5             0.5

Value for Money[1]

–                                      1                  1

Total                         8.5/10     9.25/10


So, in the clean-up, I have found plenty of new suggestions of where I might find the best vanilla slice…


So, off I go.  I can see some road trips in my near future….

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